Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Post For November :P

well i haven't really quit crocheting, i just kinda slowed down. since life and work and having to get in some sleep have taken up a lot of my free time :)
i'm still working on some things... like different fingerless gloves, paulie's hat from the one movie that we saw, a scrap afghan, and i gave up on that cotton thing for now. i ran out of materials and i need to figure out how to make more with less... so i'm waiting on the blue moon for some extra thinking time.
i did make some coasters, they are rainbow sherbert colored and terrible. tiny squares of ick. and luckily no picture available :) but i will show u what i made from other people's patterns! lol
i made two doilies both from CrochetPatty.com ... the antlia doily and the aquarius doily. both excellent and quick to work up if you don't mind having to look at the picture for deeper instruction. they both finished up in about 2 to 3 days :)

here is antlia: i took the pic with my phone so it doesn't show very super good... the color is pure white but somehow the light made it turn blue

the second one is aquarius, which was harder than antlia because of pieces missing from the pattern, but the pic on the website i got it from was pretty good so i could just follow along with that at times

and that's all ive been able to do! oh yeah, i started on another doily from Celt's Vintage Crochet website which is in fact this one in particular: http://www.angelfire.com/folk/celtwich/Doily7797.html
i think it's really cute, i had a little trouble understanding the tr tr part after the ch 6 (round 3) but then i just made a "tr that was long enough to equal the length of the ch 6 minus the top chain" lol i dunno if that makes sense but it did for me.
it's turning out pretty well so far

<3 Mari