Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Friggin Update

uhh it's been a while eh? :) i been busy. school is taking a big chunk of my time even when i'm not at school... lotsa homework. but hey i'm almost done! i dunno whether to be happy or worried though. not because i can't get through it or i don't think i can get and hold a job in that area, but because i always get a "im going to be sick in my stomach for a couple weeks regardless of my capabilities and the actual effects of change" feeling when things for finally actually do change. like when i first moved here i didn't tell anybody but i thought everyday i was gonna have a heart attack or an aneurysm and fall over dead. yeah. k so i'm a weirdo, but we already knew that.
anyways also besides school being almost done, paulie and i moved from that detestable "apartment" behind the salon... the salon wasn't even there when we moved. the "landlady" let the sewer backup and the pipes remain unfixed for a week, so the lady who was renting the building for business up and left. well, of course. we at that time were in the process of getting the heck out of there. and we moved to an awesome place with a pool and tennis courts and a playground, where the maintenance people actually do stuff instead of snoop around uninvited and unannounced, banging on stuff and sawing things on into the night. also now we dont have to worry about running over high school and middle school kids who like to "skateboard" in our friggin driveway even though they don't: a) live there, or b) know how to skateboard.
i think now is a great time for some pictures!

here is a dress i made while in school, on a doll i got at the dollar store. it's crochet and i never wrote out the pattern.. that bulge in there is a panty under her dress that was too big so i nixed it later

this is a baby sweater i made before we moved, it's supposed to be for my mom's friend's baby but i'm not sure if she ever gave it to her.. the pattern is one i found online, i'll have to look on my desktop (on laptop now) later and link it. Here it is! it's from Deb's Crafts page :)

paulie saw some geese crossing the street, they are cuuuute

saw these cookies at Pick n Save... they look like the water tower in Calumet City (and paulie-clones)

spensive ginger ale...

hat i made for mom.. it's knit and i'm sure i can recreate it for a pattern post...

remember that post with the "my brother with his trophy" thing? he was in the NEWSPAPER and didn't tell us. mom found this in his room... he's the guy in the middle holding up the trophy

heres my mom and my face. my face is really fat, it looks like a giant potato next to my mom's :)

here's me and paulie at culver's. this was moving day i think, and we took my mom to eat.. guess what she got? FRIES!! and then she ate them like a little bird... that's why i had to hold her down and force feed her a nice big steak that night

this is the day after we started, we went to Sammy's, a Chicago style hot dog place in Wisconsin. it was very cool and the hot dogs were awesome

here's me and paulie being cute. we had just got all the boxes and furnitures in and found a spot with ok lighting :)

ya, we felt pretty good about getting it all unloaded finally

then they decided we needed new carpet :) wahooo! lol. this isn't how it looked when we moved in (lol that would be crazy) this is after they tore up the old carpet before we got nice new one.
yep yep.
my next post hopefully wont be too long from this one..