Thursday, July 3, 2008

Simple Granite Stitch Purse

i made this purse while i was making all those other ones in my previous posts. somehow i forgot to get it in here.
it is a super easy purse using Granite Stitch pattern which is simply sc's and chains alternating. and it was all done in rows in one flat piece, then folded in half and sewn together. the strap is done in the same stitch and then sewed on from the inside (i used the seams as sort of stitch markers for placement)
it's made with WW yarn although it would most definitely be less stretchy in cotton or nylon or even thread (although that would give you a teeny tiny purse)
and an aluminum size F (US) hook
i would say folded up my purse body came to about 4 by 6 inches, so its a fairly small bag. definitely line this purse with cloth, because stuff will fall through the little holes in the pattern.
Anyways here is the pattern :)

Purse Body:
chain 31

1) sc in second chain from hook
(ch1, skip next chain, sc in next) across

2) ch1, turn
sc in first sc and in the ch1 space
(ch1, skip next sc, sc in next ch1 space) across

continue to work the rows in this way. when if you come up to the last sc of a row and there arent any more chain spaces, just put an sc in that last stitch

also it works the other way around. when you come to the start of a new row and the first st is an sc and the second is a chain, put an sc in both of them.

so anyways, continue in this way until you have 52 rows (or how ever many you desire)
at the end of your last row, fasten off the yarn. fold the piece in half evenly, and slip stitch the sides together. now you have a pouch (yay!)

Purse Straps:
making sure you have a nice long enough tail (for sewing) on the end of your starting chain,
chain 100 (or however many you desire for length)
and work back and forth in the same way you did for the purse body, for 4 rows
of course you can make the strap as wide or skinny as you like.
when you have finished the strap, fasten off the yarn leaving a long enough tail to sew the other side.

sew the straps so that they make a cross with the seams on the body of the bag, and then turn it inside out. now you have a little bag with straps (yay some more!)

now i opted to make a long chain and thread it through the top of my bag for a closure, but you might want to try a button, a snap, or a zipper, so i'll encourage you to have your own way with it :)