Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brainal Leakage

yeah, it'all just oozing out of my head. don't even know what it is, but it tastes like the usual crazy with a side of who-are-you-talking-to-no-one's-listening. i decided after a long time of thinking about it (which never ever ever ever happens. except this one time right here) that i should knit some socks. i've tried crocheting them, and honestly crochet socks suck. for me. they're not the same as knitted ones. mine aren't. they don't bend or stretch or let me pull them on without arranging them carefully upon my feet.
so i got this sock book. it's very nice. it's simple enough for me and has lots of descriptions and pictures and examples. very good for my leaky brains. yeah, i even learned how to do a long tail cast on :) just from reading and looking at pictures of what i was reading. that made me happy. here's a picture of the book

i'm excited because i have all sunday and monday off from work (yay, socks!)
paulie and i go Shopkicking on sunday but i can bring my project along for the last part of the adventure ohyeah :D! we like to sit in Barnes and Noble and drink coffee (paulie doesn't like coffee but he pretends so cutely). he likes to find magazines about Android stuff or video games or zombies, and his eyeballs light up and he gets all excited showing me upside down pictures and print. cuz i'm across from him, unless we're lucky enough to find a booth or some comfy chairs. those are always taken up by people who like to go on facebook on their laptops. helloooo that's what your home is for. aren't they worried about random strangers peaking over their shoulders? aren't they ashamed to be in a BOOK STORE and neither be buying nor reading a BOOK? wait... i lost where i was. in cute-land painting a picture of cuteness.
so anyway yeah, i'm sure there was something else i was thinking of yesterday when i started to write this... but i got frustrated last night with my internet connection and ended up just going to sleep. eventually it will come back to me.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Free Fingers! (warm hands)

so i needed gloves to go with my hat :) but i'm always texting or whatever on my phone so i need my fingers free. i made these with the left over yarn from the hat, same skein, yay. they are made in one piece but with a seam that is magically hidden because of the pattern stitch.. well at least it doesn't show too much anyway.
now this is what husbands are good for :D taking pictures of hands! lol. i couldn't get a pic of my own hands so i made my husband get one for me. okok, enough type, more pattern!

1 skein Red Heart Shimmer
size G hook (US)

Pattern: (make 2)
CH 38 (or to desired length, this starting chain determines how far up your arm the warmy-things will go)
1. HDC in 3rd CH from hook and in each across, turn at end of row.
2. *NOTE*- "normal" crochetiers make a ch2 at beginning of row to stand as the first hdc, but i don't do normal :) i make a ch1 and then hdc in the very first stitch. the ch1 is never crocheted on, it's just to fluff out the ends of my rows cuz i hate those weird holes that happen with chains that stand as stitches.. anyways, 2. CH 1, HDC in back loop of each HDC across, turn at end of row.
3-18. CH 1, HDC in back loop of each HDC across.
my arms and hands are rather skinny, you need to get the piece to wrap around your hand snugly but comfortably, so you might need more rows (do them in 2's if you can, if not the joining will be a little different looking)

DO NOT FASTEN OFF YARN yet :) fold the piece lengthwise with right side facing you. those ridges that happened from the back loops are going to help you conceal the seam ;)
i find that a CH 1 before starting to sl st with un-unfastened yarn helps my first sl st not be all unravely... anyways

SL ST edges together like this: match the stitches up and SL ST the first 10 ones loosely. then you will make the thumb thingie like this:

CH 1 (just to get some height for your new stitches), HDC in each of next 7 sts. Turn warmy thingie in progress so that the stitches you just made are facing you, so you can make stitches of equal number on the other side (this is where you gotta count, but only to 7, phew!) just hop over once you have the correct calculation, making 7 HDC in each of the mirroring stitches. Join with SL ST to top of first HDC.

Now you get to work in rounds! Make 2 more rounds of HDC, then make one round of SC if you like. i did it cuz i like how it looks but it's not essential.
NOW fasten off yarn after the last round has been secured.

then fasten the yarn to the stitches closest to the new thumby piece you just made, and continue to SL ST in the same direction you were originally going with the first 10 SL ST's. Fasten off yarn when you get to the end, and voila! i hope it looks like the picture a little bit!

This is my original pattern, please do not sell it or distribute it in any way for money. Feel free to use the pattern for personal or charitable use, and also to print out copies for the same purpose. PLEASE DO NOT SELL MY PATTERN, it is free for everyone. And please feel free to share my links.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Simply Beanie

Hey, look! A pattern! While i have been trying to remember how i made a couple knitted hats, i crocheted a totally different one :)
i found my app called Catch really helpful with note taking so i could remember all the steps i took to make my hat... i used to only use it to make lists of books, yeah i'm a monster of boring.
it's a really easy hat that only uses CH, SC (and sl st to join, but if you like to do the spiral thingie with no joins then hardly even that i guess). i made it using Red Heart Shimmer, which is kinda thin, it's labeled as medium weight yarn but it's skinnier than my other medium stuff.. please crochet LOOSELY if you use the same yarn to make this hat or it will be TIGHT
i used a G hook, if you have a tight tension use a bigger hook

1 skein Red Heart Shimmer (or other med yarn)
Size G hook (US)

CH 4, join with SL ST to form ring
1. CH 1, make 12 SC in ring, join with SL ST to top of first SC
2. CH 1, make 2 SC in each SC around, join with SL ST to top of first SC in round
3. CH 1, make 1 SC in each SC around, join with SL T to top of first SC in round
4. Repeat round 3
5. CH1, make 1 SC in first SC, 2 SC in next. Make (1 SC in next SC, 2 SC in next), around. Join with SL ST to top of first SC in round
6. CH 1, make 1 SC in each of first 2 SC, 2 SC in next. Make (1 SC in each of next 2 SC, 2 SC in next) around. Join with SL ST to top of first SC in round
7. Repeat round 3
8. CH 1, make 1 SC in each of first 3 SC, 2 SC in next. Make (1 SC in each of next 3 SC, 2 SC in next) around. Join with SL ST to top of first SC in round
9. CH 1, make 1 SC in each of first 4 SC, 2 SC in next. Make (1 SC in each of next 4 SC, 2 SC in next) around. Join with SL ST to top of first SC in round
10 & 11. Repeat round 3
12. CH 1, make 1 SC in each of next 5 SC, 2 SC in next. Make (1 SC in each of next 5 SC, 2 SC in next) around. Join with SL ST to top of first SC in round
13 to 40(or to desired length). Repeat round 3

Fasten off ends, enjoy beanie!

<-- Mari (with the creepy eyeballs and the awesome hat)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mrs. Crazyface

Wow i have really got to stop abandoning my internets :P sorry about that.
For a while i've just been off in insane-o-land... busy? Not really "busy" but eh, "preoccupied".. unoccupied too, for 3 months. (had to get a new job)
Since my last post i've gotten a new job, graduated fake college (with honors), and gotten real married. i've still been yeening but i haven't been patterning :( but i have determined to put up pictures of what i've made so far at least. one of these days i'll get this blogging thing right and i'll do it consistently. yep. here is a public link to my recent projects (facebook link) and here is a pic of me and my husband :D after we got married and went to go eat... we were both blind from flashes on cameras

Love, Mari