Thursday, August 9, 2007

Skull Cell Phone Holder

Out of necessity comes brilliance.. lol with a skull on it. it started with cotton, when i made a cell phone case for a phone which has a love/hate relationship with the floor. it constantly jumps out of my hand to be reunited with its abusive lover, only to be picked back up by me, scratched and broken-y. so i decided to make a protective case.
The first one i made got stolen. grrr! so i made another one, and then i made it AWESOME by adding a skull to the front of it. go me!

i used an aluminum size G hook (US) for both the bag and the skull, and WW yarn (you can pretty much use any kind, but if its really thin make sure its either stretchy or you know how to wing it). my colors are purple and wine, cuz they look awesome together. and also because those were pretty much the only colors i had :P
(i made this specifically for a motorola rzr, but it pretty much fits all cell phones)

**NOTE** ch1 in beginning of rounds never counts as an sc.

Bag: (work in rounds from the start, with no "rings")
ch 9.

1) 3sc in 2nd ch from hook. sc in next 6 sts, 3sc in last. now turn work upside down and sc in free loops of foundation chain. you should have 18 sts around evenly. join with sl st to top of 1st sc.

2-16) Now work in back loops only. ch1, sc in same st as joining and in each around. join with sl st to 1st sc.

Do Not Fasten Off. Do Not Turn.

ch 15.
without twisting yarn, join with sl st to same st you just came from, forming a loop.
Now turn (without chaining, and not too tightly) and sl st back the way you came, evenly thru each ch.
Fasten off, weave in ends. Take a moment to notice how neat and straight the seam is :) (thats my favorite part.. it also helps with the placement of the skull applique...

Now for the fun part!

with contrasting color, chain 2.

Round 1) make 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook. join with sl st to top of 1st sc. (6 sc around)

Round 2) ch 1, 2sc in same st as joining and in each around. (12 sc)

Round 3) ch 1, sc in same st as joining. (2sc in next sc, sc in next) around. (18 sc around)

Now the Jaw:

1) ch 1, sc in same st as joining and in each of next 3 sc. (4 sc's across)

2) ch 1, sc in same st and in each of next 3. (4 sc's across)

Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

For the Face i strategically placed cute little embroidered X's (cuz it was easy that way) and a little slit for the nose... in the same color as the bag.

Sew Skull to front of bag. i put mine right in the center but you can always do whatever.

this is my original pattern. please do not sell it, or make copies to sell them, or copy this pattern to another website. feel free to link back to my blog. this pattern is for your personal use only.



gnathalie2 said...

i am so in love with the skull!!! I can't wait to make one, thanks for the pattern!!!

Lesalicious said...

Love your skull cell phone holder so cute. I seen one of your posts on Crochetville and wanted to jump in and say hi love your work keep on crocheting. :)

Mupo said...

omg, 'Love/Hate relationship", haha, that is awesome! Great wording of phone vs. floor... I need to make one of these for my fiance, with black, orenge eyes and white skull. that aught to look cool too. Thanks so much! *hug*