Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monsters of Unfinishedness and Lack of Inspiration

i've been not procrastinating, still crocheting, but kinda never getting anything done.
long ago in november i began and almost finished a doily.. wrote a note about it in the last blog.
but sadly the website i was crocheting from (no printer, saving files and making pdf's bug me) was shut down due to some goofy people violating copyright laws.
well i just looked at the doily and it is a real beauty even though its not finished... i would have liked to get it done, it woulda been my fourth ever doily :)
so what i did was i took a picture (yay) and here it is

i love those flowers. i can honestly say i had no idea what i was doing but the directions were written so well that it just pretty much formed itself.
i wanted to immortalize this thing before i tore it up to use for something else. feels like a shame. and i know i'm getting whiney but i cant help it.

so anyways im sitting in the dark trying not to mistype while staring at the screen... remembering that i also made some cell phone covers for my cell. paulie got it for me, i think lotsa ppl have seen it in commercials that they dont seem to play anymore. but its awesome. so it needed covery thingies cuz i always scuff, scratch, maul, and maim everything i own.

these are made with blue peaches n creme cotton i got from an unsecure website which caused me to be robbed blind. ya, i lost all my money and found out about it while trying to get some lunch during my first day of work in a new town... ah orientation was never so much fun. anyways here we go! i made two of them, one with a short loop on it and another with a longer strap, both in single crochet done in rounds. you know, simple stuff.

i've been half working on stuff and half wishing i could, which means i can't really get too involved in a project because i work. a lot. and if im not working i want to be doing absolutely nothing at all because im grumpy and hungry. but i have managed to take some laundry day time to start on a scarf. hopefully that gets done one of these days.

whoever's reading this, i'm honestly sorry about not being able to create or share anything awesome. i really do enjoy those things, they make me feel a certain way that i like. and a way that im not very good at explaining.

sooooo... i'll be doing my thing, hoping that i get some crochet groove going so that i feel like im back on track. lol its funny my life takes over and i feel out of it, but when i have no life im happy to sit and crochet. (im so weird)

Mari <3

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