Friday, March 5, 2010


i made a baby version of the Kinda-Slouch hat :) by accident. when i saw how cute it was i couldn't unravel it. the brimmy thing is stretchy so i'm thinking it would probably fit a baby from birth/few months to a year. depending on the stretch o' hat and the size o' head.

i used US size 9 dpn's (set of 4) and a tiny bit of Caron Simply Soft. i apparently had forgotten that i told myself not to use this yarn for knitting because it snags on friggin everything. but its soft and cute so i dunno, fooled again.

here goes the pattern :)

cast on 45
distribute evenly onto 3 needles. (15 sts each)
join into circle (eh, triangle) being careful not to twist the stitches (because that will give u a sort of hare-lip or curtain effect which supersucks)
work in (k1, p1) around, this makes the moss stitch pattern. do this for about an inch or an inch and 1/2
switch to stockinette stitch, which is just plain knitting around.
on the second round of knitting, start the increases. there are only 2 rounds of increases & they are identical:
*(k1, m1) 3 times. knit thru to the last 4 sts on needle and work (k1, m1) 3 times. knit last stitch on needle*, repeat from * to * 2 times more.
after both rounds of increases you will have 81 stitches total
continue to work evenly in stockinette stitch until hat measures total of about 7 inches or more.
then start the decreases :
1. (k next 7 sts, k2tog) around
2. (k next 6 sts, k2tog) around
3. (k next 5 sts, k2tog) around
4. (k next 4 sts, k2tog) around
5. (k next 3 sts, k2tog) around
6. (k next 2 sts, k2tog) around
7. (k2tog) around
at the very end you will have only 3 sts total. slip these onto one needle and knit them together. i put an extra sl st after the k3tog cuz it made a soft point and also reinforced the closure of stitches.
fasten off yarn, weave in ends.

this is my original pattern. do not sell this pattern, or distribute in any form of publication or email. link to my pages to share. feel free to print out a copy of the patterns for your personal use.


silfert said...

And just this morning, I offered to make up some baby hats for the "new mother" gift baskets at a local church. Now to bookmark this page...

Tacy said...

Thanks for the pattern. I favorited you on ravelry!