Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Beautiful Cable Purse edited (scroll down for translation)

i'm trying to write out the pattern that i came up with... its REALLY easy and i can reproduce this product (its a purse) very quickly. there isnt even any fastening off/joining until the very end. maybe someone can help me translate the directions into crochet speak? i would really appreciate that

here's how it goes: **Note: i dont know how to write that part about skipping the stitch behind the fpdc.. please fogive me that i didnt write that down for every row, just take it for granted that i did **

it starts with 21 sc.there are three rows of sc in the beginning.
then sc in 1st sc, twin cables with fpdc, sc in next 5. fpdc, sc, fpdc, until there are 3 cables with 2 spaces of 1sc. then 5 sc after that. and end like it started, with twin cables (fpdc in each of next 2 sc) and an sc in the last stitchalternate fpdc rows and sc rows

you make the cables that way til there are 3 rows with cables, which is 7 rows, but the lines (who gets me here? the lines that come out so u can count rows of stitches by 2) the lines will be 3.

on the 8th row, its the "twist" row. work the same way with the first two fpdc's, then instead of making an sc in each of next 5, sc in next 7. then make an fpdc around the post of the first fpdc in prev. row. you'll have to reach back, and it will look like a backslash. sc in next, fpdc in the next fpdc of prev. row. sc in next 5, then fpdc in each of next 2 and end row with sc in last sc.

make 3 cable rows (remember alternate sc and fpdc rows!) "straight", then make one more "twist" row.

then make 3 more "straight" cable rows, and end the side with a row of sc...

the other side: make an sc row in back loops only, this way the purse can fold easy and you wont have to count so hard when stitching up the sides later. plus its a fringe facilitator work this side the same as the other one, ending with a row of sc.

ch1, turn.sl st back, into 2nd to last sc of last row.
ch1, sc over the stitches u just sl st'ed into, and (you have to fold the piece now thanks)
sc in the last 2 sts.... in the free loops of the first row u ever worked.

and the strap is worked this way:alternate sc and fpdc rows... the fpdc rows have (sc, fpdc in each of next 2 sts, sc) and the strap can be however long u want, as long as u end with an sc row, then sl st or whipstich (whichever) the strap to the other side, the same way, with the 2 firsts of each side of the work. fasten off and stuff

then whip stitch the sides together, and make fringey things and attach them to those stitches that u worked in back loops only.and voila! someone help PLEASE!! its a beautiful purse! :'(

**EDIT: THANKS SO MUCH TO THE CHICKS AT Crochetville FOR THEIR HELP WITH THE TRANSLATION OF THIS PATTERN! ESPECIALLY flyinghooks for getting the pattern dead on! way cool!! you can find her translation here

this is my original pattern, please do not post this on any other website, if u want to share this just link back here. do not sell this pattern, but if you want to sell the finished product, please feel free to do so..

Mari <3


soluna said...

i cant wait for this pattern!

Norma said...

Funny, I can follow the pattern better than I can some "written" patterns. It's beautiful Mari.