Saturday, May 31, 2008

Multicolor Tote

woooo yeah i made this tote in one day (actually less than that but i had to eat, shower, and be the cheering section for my boyfriend while he played a new racing game on the computer)
it's super easy and uses only single crochet... and a chain of course and slip stitches for joining.. derr.
so anyways here it is just for you!
i used Caron yarn that are Mill Ends so i cant say what kind of Caron (possibly about 4 to 6 ounces?). all i know is that its magnificently multicolored... and i used an aluminum size J (US) hook.

here are the Instructions:

ch 31

Round 1) sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each across, putting 3 sc in last ch.
turn work and make sc's across other side of foundation chain, to the last chain.
make 2sc's in that one
join with sl st to top of first sc. (64 sc's around)

Round 2) ch1, sc in same sp as joining and in each around, putting 2 sc's in each of the 3 sc's on the ends. join with sl st to top of first sc. (68 sc's around)

Round 3) ch1, sc in same sp as joining and in each sc around. join with sl st to top of first sc. (68 sc's around)

Rounds 4-35 ) repeat round 3.

at end of Round 35, join and do not fasten off yarn.


First Strap:
Row 1) ch1, turn.
sc in same st as joining and in each of next 3 sts.

Row 2) ch1, turn.
sc in each of the 4 sc's.

Rows 3-42) repeat Row 2. At end of Row 42, fasten off yarn leaving a tail for sewing. Skip over 17 stitches to the right and sew the other end of the strap there starting at the 18th stitch
weave in ends neatly.

*Note- of course you can make your straps as long or as short as you want, i just made mine 42 rows long :)

Second Strap:
join yarn with sl st, 9 stitches away from the first strap on the other side of the bag.

repeat Rows as for First Strap, fasten off yarn after the 42nd Row, leaving a tail for the sewing.

Sew the end evenly, making sure that this strap has 17 stitches between the ends, and 9 stitches between the two straps on either side.

Weave in ends neatly.

i put a slip stitch edge along the top and edges of the straps to make it look a little neater, which is just slip stitch in each stitch around... and i made a button hole for a button which i have not yet sewed on :P
i did this by making chains (in my case 20) in the appropriate place in the center of the backside on the top.

*optional- cut a length of fabric slightly wider and twice as long as the size of the bag. Sew with needle and thread into a pocket shape, and then sew that into the bag. (its easier to turn the crochet bag inside out and slip the cloth over it, then sew the open top parts together)

this is my original pattern. please do not copy or print to sell. you may link back to my blog to share, and print out a copy for your own personal use. you may also sell what you make from this pattern, though not in mass quantity.

<3 Mari

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