Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mark Your Calendars!!

Crocheters, unite! lol
As you may or may not know, September the 12th is International Crochet Day (hooray!)
So make sure to spread the word, get out your hooks and yarny stuffs and demonstrate your love for crochet! You could crochet on your break at work, in study hall at school, while waiting for the bus, while riding the bus, in the carpool, on the way to/from the grocery store, at a sporting event, while waiting for your oil to get changed or your breaks to get fixed, in the park (like me!) or anywhere! Just be sure to remain seated because we don't want anyone walking into dangerous stuff (like oncoming traffic!)
Take the time to teach any and all who are willing to crochet!
This will be only the second year for International Crochet Day, so it's probably not printed on anyone's calendar yet. But one day!!!
lol. Remember the day, and have a blast :)

<3 Mari

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