Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Slacker, but not really

Hiyas :)
i really have been working on a lot of crochet, i just haven't been posting on my blog.
because i have been working on inspiration, necessity, and off of graphs. the graphs are not my patterns. the necessity makes me whip a project out and never worry about the pattern. the inspiration makes me so focused on the look of the project that i forget to count stitches. woops!
but i have been crocheting a lot :D and i have pictures!
This giant "A" thing :) has actually been in the works the longest, and it's the first one i started last month. it's a blanket! woooo!! lol
There on the right is a most beauteous of scarves. i made it to match a hat that i did in anticipation for cold weather (even though yesterday it was friggin 90 degrees! NINETY!!!! but now it's cooling down) i'm especially proud of the fringe, because i never make those. not even for my mom's scarf did i attempt a fringe. i guess i must have been a combination of "very bored" and "very determined" so yay! i win by being me :P
Here to the left is the hat in my favorite stitches, shells and sc's. it worked up easy and fast but i didn't write down the pattern because.. i was on a roll! i guess lol. if i look at it some it will be easy to get the pattern. hmmmm...
anyways it's nice and warm while being super light. i thought while i was making it that it might be too thin and floppy, but when i put it on my head my head got so hot! i was like "good! bring on the cold then" but not really because i don't enjoy winter anymore :P
And down here to the right is a hat. it was fun to make, just a buncha sc's. i saw a letter M on the internet doing a Google search and there it was in all its perfection. so i said i HAVE to crochet that! and i put it on the side of my hat. and it fits :) actually when i first decided to put it on there, i had worked evenly for so long that all that fit on it was the top half of the letter. so of course i had to rip everything out and do it again. not the circle part, just the "evenly around" part. and i dunno why but my "circles" always come out looking like hexagons.. eh. oh yeah here's a tip that i found works well for me, about not getting the strands twisted together.
i lay the skeins next to each other, next to me. and when switching colors, the closest one to me gets crocheted as is, since it will be on top of the other strand and easily accessible without twisting, without "yarn over"ing lol yarn over yarn. whatever.
and the one farther from me gets crocheted in after i "yarn under" if that makes sense. pull the yarn under the other strand so there's a slight tension, and then make the sc. i've really gotta get a picture of that in action. hmmmm..
SO... after that hat i got kinda confident and i wanted to try a filet graph as a tapestry pattern. i got this graph from that was some sort of dragony sea creature thing. and i liked it a lots :D so i decided to make it. i didn't do filet because i always screw those up, plus i like colors better than holes :P
in the end stages of this project i got really tired of counting and switching and all that.. so i quit for a few hours. this is the picture showing my near defeat. lol
This on the left is what i used to ease my boiling brain. a simple hat using clusters (its breathe-able! lol) which i felt compelled to make a brim for. because then it would look cooler. yes. i made the hat oversized for a slouchy look and my boyfriend called me a Rastafari Mari, or something like that. i thougth that was funny, and just kept crocheting. i made the brim from two pieces (one green one yellow, you can't see the yellow cuz its sewn underneath the green)
i cut pieces of cardboard (actually i think its less than cardboard cuz it wasnt like a "real" box) from a frozen pizza box and put them between the two brim pieces. and voila! a brim. i didn't plan on the brim making the hat tighter though, so i had to stretch the opening a little bit. i'll keep that in mind next time i wanna make a brimmed hat.
And then i finished the dragony thingie. woooooooooooo!!! it took like four days. not working 24/7 but u know, in free time and while being a video game spectator. i'm a pro at stitching and cheering at the same time :)

oh yeah, i also made a cell phone case in the same colors as my hat. with a butterfly tapestried in the same way as the M was on the hat. but i never took a picture because i never got a button on it. even so, it holds my phone very well.

i'll have patterns soon! i hope :)

<3 Mari

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Yarnjeannie said...

Nice work - your monogrammed letters look great!