Monday, October 26, 2009

Heh heh heh...

yesterday i decided that the yarny store is friggin off limits... no more yarny store til next MONTH! :) there. i put my foot down.
everytime i go there i spend at least 80 dollars :( and i never go there when i dont have the money but holy craps. like, no wonder i used to order mill ends online. i have a strange addiction to yarn :)(: which i'm sure every knitter/crochetier/fiber arts junkie can relate to. but i just recently got kind of picky actually. i've never been picky with yarn. it must be the K word (in case you're not hip to the scene i recently started knitting, after being strictly and exclusively a crochet nut). just sayin', cuz that's the only change in my diet.
ohhh yeah i gotta blog about my superawesome new circular knitting needles :) i have like two sets already but theyr aluminum. this pair is bamboo! !!!
omg. i've been bamboozled. i have NEVER knitted or crocheted with anything other than aluminum or plastic (remember, i'm cheeeeeap) but i "splurged" and got bamboo circs cuz they were the only ones in the store that were 16" around (i know, excuses excuses). they smell nice. they FEEL nice. they friggin GLIDE through all my yarns and yeenings (i tested them on literally everything i have). wow. and now for a pretty bad pic!

so lol on another topic, school is fun. funfunfun. i have school 4 days a week, 2 classes each term, 5 weeks a term, in an 11 month program (ya icky math eh). and i like both my classes.
in one i learn all about computers, like everything in and around them including the intarwebz and cool programs like Microsoft Office Word. Word. they're teaching me how to manipulate document-y and presentation-y stuff superprofessionally so i can get paidddd. i like that.
in the other one i learn how to succeed. yep. 100%.
we focus on feeding our brains the way they like to be fed so they can process crap and make it relative to the stuff thats already in there. it's a fun class for me but like everybody else in the class thinks its a boring waste of time. i love boring wastes of time, for reasons unknown even to me.
every day that i go to school i bring my knitting to work on during breaks lol. i haven't forgotten about crochet, i'm still working on a couple of my projects, but with crochet i always find myself needing to write my directions out (i don't usually use patterns) and then obsessing about something or other. with knitting i can just "work in pattern stitch for __ inches" and i dont have to count my rows because honestly i think your eyeballs are in danger of falling out of your head every time you try to count knitted rows. i dunno there might be ppl who disagree but that's how i feel.
i found that little monkey hat that i had made for paulie's sister's kid, and i turned it into a shopping bag. would we consider that recycling? or just frogging? it made me a little sad to think that i had actually made something for that girl. it wasnt honestly for her child, it was for her so she could put it on her child geez no baby goes around happy to be in a hat. or in clothes either in some cases. pity and prayer, but nothing will ever leave my hand to fall into hers. not because i'm mean but because in the heart of my mind i know this:
anything that is not given in love should never be given at all. especially a thing which is made with hands. it carries all the blessings of the Creator, and all the faults of the created.
be blessed.

Mari <3

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