Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm The Kid With The Huge Backpack...

again :(
i can't believe it but i guess there's no escape...
when i was in HS i was that kid with the superheavy backpack and always had said backpack strapped to my back... aww man.
it had everything in there. food, extra clothes, soap, screwdriver, car jack, jumper cables lol
i'm starting my first day of college today and i packed my bag (only with books!)
and it weighs a ton, and it makes me look EXACTLY the same way i looked in high school. minus the huge hair down to my knees and slightly askew black frame eyeglasses :)
i kind of resent the fact that when the bag's just laying there it looks kinda floppy and innocent... and then when i PUT IT ON it swells up and magically adds 50 pounds to itself somehow.
Aaanyways i'm excited to be going :) to school. i think this is the first time i've ever been excited to go there.

Besides that, i think i have some cute pictures

the one on the left is a sweater (duh) whose pattern is called "Chickiedoodles"... i didnt want the chickies. the picture on the right is from paulie on his way either to or from work. pretty and scary at the same time :)

these are moving shots from the road and i forget what state we were in :) but they're cute

Oh also i've been working on my knitting! lol shutup, i've rationalized that knitting is also yeening so it still pertains to the whateveryoucallit of this blog. yes.
and i'm doing pretty good i think. i joined this beginners knit group on Ravelry and the girl who runs it puts up links to easy patterns (of which i've only done 2 but thats because the first one wasn't free {i'm cheeeeeap} and the fourth one scared me with all the pointy sticks you need to make it {but once i get over my fear ITS ON, little toy monkey!}) which is awesome.
and if you wanna look me up on Ravelry i'm Mariface


<3 Mari

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