Friday, February 26, 2010

What's been going on

ive never really sized anything for anyone else besides myself, my mom (my size) and paulie (he's right there to measure when necessary). but i am in the process of making a hat for my almost 2yr old god daughter/cousin. hehe. i just scaled down a school age kid hat and hopefully it fits :)

the day before yesterday we were involved in a car accident :( this is paulie's poor car in the pictures below. he was picking me up from Cousin's Subs (where i went to eat after school) and a car full of 20somethings and/or teens coming out of a Kmart parking lot slammed into us
all those lights are busted.. there was glass and plastic all over the street. we were going 10mph and when they hit us the car spun about 90 degrees. and then they decided to keep driving, but paulie jumped out of the car to grab their license number and they decided to spin around and come back.
before the cops came the kids in the back seat hurried up and left, and the driver switched seats with the passenger. they didn't have insurance, and their info was incorrect on their ID's (the cop asked and i have ears so i heard lol). the driver claimed she was sliding on ice.. but the car hit us very hard, they were accelerating actually.
so paulie has to get his car fixed, luckily he has insurance and the other driver was at fault.
and that's what's been going on :)

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