Monday, February 1, 2010

There's Yeen in it Though...

i've gotten a few hats done for a yahoo group that i joined.. i'm kind of lurking on the edges of a chemo cap group. but other than those few things i haven't done much knitwise :( tried figuring out sleeve cuffs which was fun but i ended up ripping out all the work and using the yarn for a crochet amigurumi guy.. he still waiting for his legs :)
we're finishing up 3rd term at school. i'm happy to see it done and curious about my next classes. i hope they're fun but i won't be surprised if they're not. i had an instructor this term who is like-able as a human being but not as an instructor of a me. i wrote this and why in a review of my instructor, and then was taken out of the classroom to be confronted about my words. i don't know if this is a common practice.
i came home from school today with a brown coat instead of a black one. i don't know when the switch happened, but it's exactly the same brand and style as my black one. it's a size smaller though... and i have no idea when or how this weirdness happened. we were in the library when i finally realized it wasn't my eyes that were being stupid, the coat was really brown. i miss my black coat.
here are some pictures! since i don't have a pattern :( i feel weird posting without

here's a cute beach picture. miami beach, fl

this is some of the yarn that i found at the dollar store. caron bliss. this is the yarn i used for a chemo cap :) pink, i mean. the rest i'm using for a blankety thing

these are the cornish hens i made yesterday :) they were so cute and yummy! i washed them, slathered them in soft country crock and season-all, and baked them covered for 2 and a half hours

i like how the little wings were all tucked in :) she's well done, or her leg wouldn't be trying to come off over there lol


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