Monday, October 10, 2011

Mrs. Crazyface

Wow i have really got to stop abandoning my internets :P sorry about that.
For a while i've just been off in insane-o-land... busy? Not really "busy" but eh, "preoccupied".. unoccupied too, for 3 months. (had to get a new job)
Since my last post i've gotten a new job, graduated fake college (with honors), and gotten real married. i've still been yeening but i haven't been patterning :( but i have determined to put up pictures of what i've made so far at least. one of these days i'll get this blogging thing right and i'll do it consistently. yep. here is a public link to my recent projects (facebook link) and here is a pic of me and my husband :D after we got married and went to go eat... we were both blind from flashes on cameras

Love, Mari