Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brainal Leakage

yeah, it'all just oozing out of my head. don't even know what it is, but it tastes like the usual crazy with a side of who-are-you-talking-to-no-one's-listening. i decided after a long time of thinking about it (which never ever ever ever happens. except this one time right here) that i should knit some socks. i've tried crocheting them, and honestly crochet socks suck. for me. they're not the same as knitted ones. mine aren't. they don't bend or stretch or let me pull them on without arranging them carefully upon my feet.
so i got this sock book. it's very nice. it's simple enough for me and has lots of descriptions and pictures and examples. very good for my leaky brains. yeah, i even learned how to do a long tail cast on :) just from reading and looking at pictures of what i was reading. that made me happy. here's a picture of the book

i'm excited because i have all sunday and monday off from work (yay, socks!)
paulie and i go Shopkicking on sunday but i can bring my project along for the last part of the adventure ohyeah :D! we like to sit in Barnes and Noble and drink coffee (paulie doesn't like coffee but he pretends so cutely). he likes to find magazines about Android stuff or video games or zombies, and his eyeballs light up and he gets all excited showing me upside down pictures and print. cuz i'm across from him, unless we're lucky enough to find a booth or some comfy chairs. those are always taken up by people who like to go on facebook on their laptops. helloooo that's what your home is for. aren't they worried about random strangers peaking over their shoulders? aren't they ashamed to be in a BOOK STORE and neither be buying nor reading a BOOK? wait... i lost where i was. in cute-land painting a picture of cuteness.
so anyway yeah, i'm sure there was something else i was thinking of yesterday when i started to write this... but i got frustrated last night with my internet connection and ended up just going to sleep. eventually it will come back to me.

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