Monday, June 25, 2012


seven months is a long time to not be posting, eh? i'm pretty sure i've had the time... just that it got away from me before i realized it... anyway, sorry about that :)
to help make up for my lazy, i'll post a kind of general pattern of my favorite knit hat. even though it's hot as heaven's alternative ;) here we go!

i used a skein (more about half) of Lion Brand Wool-Ease
and size 8 double pointed knitting needles (4 of them)... i have circulars but they bother me somehow that i can't articulate yet or possibly ever...

cast on 66 stitches, distribute 22 stitches evenly to 3 needles, join without twisting work.

knit every round evenly for about 7 inches, then start the decrease like so:

round 1: (fight!) <--kidding... k2tog every first and last 2 stitches on each needle, you will have 6 decrease stitiches

round 2: k every stitch

repeat rounds 1 and 2, so that the decrease rounds are "cushioned" by regular knit rounds, until there are 4 stitches on each needle. you can either bind off or sew them shut using a drawstring-ish style.. or you can decrease all the way til there are no more stitches, but that might leave you a point (which is ok if you like that sort of thing).
i believe i drawstringed it at 4 stitches though.

fasten off yarn and weave in the end, and you have hat!


this is my original (if lame and simple) pattern, straight out of my own brains.. (i forget how to do these notes)
please don't sell this pattern since i've provided it for free, but the work of your own hands is your business so feel free to sell finished product if you like, at fairs/garage sales/to friends or friends of friends or coworkers/church bazaars/etc.

the end,

love, mari

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