Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Winter Green Hat

i recently went to Jo-Ann's (the only craft store within reasonable bus ride distance) and found some little yarn skeins on sale. They were like 1 and 3/4ths oz, which is sometimes the perfect amount to make a hat with :P so here we go!
(well.. i actually used a LITTLE bit more than one skein, so round it up to 2 oz approx WW yarn)
oh yeah and i used an aluminum size F hook (US)

ch 35

1) sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each across.

2) ch1, turn. Working in Back Loops Only, sc in same st as turning and in each across. Do Not count the first ch1 of the Row as a stitch. (34 sc)

3-62) Repeat Row 2.

Sometimes people's heads are different sizes :P sooo take the flat piece at this point and see how well it fits wrapped around your head lengthwise. If it's too small, work a few more Rows in. Too big? Vice versa.

At the end of Row 62 (or preferred) Do Not Fasten Off.
Fold piece in half Wrong Side Facing Out. Join together with sl st evenly across, so that you have a longish tube with an opening on either end.
Fasten off yarn, leaving a long tail that will be used to sew up the top.
Weave tail in and out between open spaces (between stitches) evenly, making sure that you go around the piece and not through both thicknesses at once. This will give you a kind of drawstring thingie, which you will pull REALLY TIGHTLY to close.
You may need to add a few extra stitches to make sure that it's sewed up properly.
Weave in the ends.

You may want a neat edge to your hat by the brim, which can be accomplished with a nice even round of sc's all around. Or you could just wing it and try whatever stitch pattern you want for a personalized flare. I just left mine "natural" (lol) cuz i liked it that way.

This is my original pattern. While i'm very certain there are a billion others out there like it, i came up with this on my own. You may print out a copy for your use, personal, charitable, or for profit. Do Not Mass Produce For Profit.

<3 Mari


gridjunky said...

Hi Mari,
I've started crochet just recently and found your pattern (after searching for a basic beanie for a month). But I noticed when I was setting up my project page over at Ravelry that your pattern didn't show up. I was just wondering if you named it something else or what. I think it'd be great for your pattern to be in there for all us newbz picking up crochet and just want a classic beanie crochet pattern. At the moment I just have your page linked in my project notes. Thanks for posting this!

mari said...

hi :) i'm glad you like my hat! and welcome to crochet. i didn't put any of my older patterns on Ravelry, i am fairly new there and i only added what was on the first page of my blog to Rav patterns and went from there. i think i will post this one tho, in case you still want to link it :)

Treehugger said...

Thanks for the pattern, I've made three already! I made this w/ worsted weight and size H hook, but longer and taller for my hubby!

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful pattern! Thanks so much for sharing! I made one for my boyfriend and he loves it! Too bad summer is coming fast. haha.

Mitzie Vosholler said...

I'm going to use your pattern to make hats for my 4grandsons, and new granddaughter!! Thanks for sharing :)

Mitzie Vosholler said...

I'm going to use your pattern to make hats for my 4grandsons, and new granddaughter!! Thanks for sharing :)