Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Elana Hat

this is my first knitted hat! wahoo!!!
i started it without checking my gauge.. heheh.. shutup.
i used chunky premiere yarn in oatmeal color and my friggin bamboo circular needles (US size 8, 16")
i heard they will/might split but i don't care, i love them anyway...
and some size 8 dpn's for the top decreases
since i didn't check my gauge the hat came out in a toddler size. ya. neato.
so anyways if u want a cute toddler hat here's what i did to make mine :)

cast on 76
(and ya i counted my rounds lol, i will give measurements in case we don't match)

1-9. k2, p2 rib. this is about 5 centimeters

10-31. k every stitch. this is about 9 centimeters, 14 centimeters total

transfer the stitches onto 3 dpn's, they won't come up even, one needle will have 1 more stitch than the others.

32. (k 4, k2tog) around. you will end up going into the next round since there arent enough stitches for this pattern. don't worry about it :)

33. (k 3, k2tog) around.

34. (k 2, k2tog) around.

35- however long it takes u to get a tight point. (k 1, k2tog) around.

the whole hat will be about 19-20 centimeters long, you wont need to bind off because you will keep k2tog til there are no more stitches to work. cut the yarn and weave in the ends.

this is my original pattern, do not sell. please link to my pages to share. do not distribute in any form. feel free to print out a copy for your personal use.

Mari <3

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the free pattern! I used it to make my daughter a hat (my second hat ever) and it looks so great!