Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Post for Pictures and Cuteness Maybe

this is my cute brother jose holding his trophy of a hose ;) he's in the marines and is a firefighter. i don't have the whole story on the trophy but THEY WON! woooooo!!!! i'm so proud

these are my niece and nephew :) ninook(right) and zeus(left). they're both akitas but doesn't ninook look fluffier and zeus look kinda more scrunchy-nosed? they are beautiful

here's me! and paulie's arm lol. we are at steak n shake. they took a crapload of better pics (we went on a collective "visit the parents" trip to Illinois on Sunday) with more people than me in them but this is the only pic i got from my mom. hmph. stingy

we went to a movie after steak n shake. we were trying to go to an earlier show but showed up LATE so we had to wait for an hour for the movie we wanted. this is paulie starting a Peggle game on his phone for us :)

sleepytime :)

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