Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I've Actually Been Finishing Stuff

mom sent me cookies... in a pix mail.. lol

i found this in my local Pick n Save

finished about an hour ago? its 12something...

it's the neatest top of a hat i've ever had the privilege of making...

i'm not extra-good at making tassels but i gave it a try :)

i just made it up, it's very basic and i can't remember if i decreased every other row on all the decrease part...

here is a hat i made, my first adult size hat in knit. the joining on the top could have been done better but i didn't know how to do it better... it's cute.

really, i have been finishing stuff :)
i just havent gotten around to posting. i don't want to type out the patterns for these things right now so if you like one of the pics, just check back in about a couple days or a week... i'm not "busy" busy, but my brain is currently being crammed with a crapload of information and also i'm working and trying to spend as much quality time with a certain paulieface who i see for maybe a total of 2 hours a day before one of us drops off to sleep or heads to work/school.
so anyway, i went christmas shopping like this last week, and it was fun.
i bought for my mom and brothers and paulie and josh, i wasnt sure if i should pick out some things for paulie's parents cuz i dunno what they like or whatever. i know his mom likes books :) i love books. and his dad likes planty stuff and probably science or history, maybe. i guess i just got shy? but on a sunday i will take paulie out to pick some things lol. that reminds me of the santa's secret workshop from grade school, where the school would have a little store where kids could buy presents for their moms and dads without the parents knowing what they bought. i dunno exactly why it reminds me but it does.
also working on something for my cousin's baby, whose baby shower i couldn't attend cuz of both work and school.. i dunno if it will be a december baby or what cuz nobody told me anything. i just guessed, texted mom, and she said "yep, yep, and yep". and i think she's naming him jonathan? which is pretty close to the name that popped into my head right before i texted mom "who's pregnant?", julian. eh. so i'm getting rusty :)

Mari <3

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