Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Knit Tassel Hat

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this is my tassel hat :) i made it last night ya.

it's almost identical to the Elana hat, except i measured way better, and the decreases are different... and theres a friggin i-cord with a tassel on it. awesome. oh ya, and i did it entirely on size 8 dpn's :)

i used jamie classic yarn (less than one skein) in Lilac
and US size 8 dpn's (set of four)
some scissors for the total of 2 (or 3 or 4) snips
and my cell phone (didn't have a piece of cardboard to wrap the yarn around for the tassel.. it worked out fine)

cast on 90, distribute evenly among three needles (30 stitches each)
join without twisting (it's not hard but i did have trouble initially.. i just always make sure the foundation ridge thing is facing me on each needle now)
also, i leave my tail out so i dont have to use a stitch marker, then sew it up after the hat is done.

work k1, p1 rib for 1"
switch to stockinette, which is just plain knit stitches around.
do this until the whole piece measures about 6"

i did my decreases kind of, well, not unevenly but sporadically? maybe. here's what i did:
decrease rows:
round 1: k 8, k2tog, around.
round 2: k 7, k2tog, around.
round 3: k 6, k2tog, around.
round 4: k every stitch around.
round 5: k 5, k2tog, around.
round 6: k 4, k2tog, around.
round 7: k 3, k2tog, around.
round 8: k 2, k2tog, around.
round 9: k 1, k2tog, around.
round 10: k every stitch around.
round 11: k2tog around

continue to k2tog around until you have only 2 stitches on one needle.
make i-cord this way:
instead of turning work after k'ing the 2 stitches, slide them across to the other end of the needle and work them onto the other needle from there. pull the working yarn tight!

make i-cord as long as u want... i dont remember how many rows i did but mine is about 5 inches without the tassel.
to make tassel: wrap yarn around a flat piece of cardboard a bunch of times (example: i did 12 revolutions) tie one side- preferably the side without the beginning strand of yarn on it- with the same yarn you wrapped up. put the scissors through the yarn on the other side and cut through all the strands evenly, so the cardboard gets free and u have one side of yarn tied up in a bundle.
tie a strand around the bunch of yarns that you have (it will look more like a bell and less like a bundle of twigs). attach to i-cord.

i don't know if the tassel info is sufficient, because it's hard to describe for me without pictures... crap, i shoulda taken pictures... there are tons of instructional videos and clearer instructions online, i will have to find a good link :)

this is my original pattern, do not sell, do not copy, do not distribute in any form of publication. link to my pages to share. print out a copy for your personal use. do not reproduce this pattern or the finished product for profit.

Mari <3

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