Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Praise :)

i know it's something little-tiny, but...
a couple days ago i had a look at my phone bill, and saw that it was about 20 dollars over the usual amount, which isnt a lot but every dollar counts for something. lunch for the week or the bus if it's too cold out to walk. i'm not able to save very much because of school kind of taking over the work week and the work week becoming less and less days.
so anyway, i was dreading having to call the phone company to get my bill adjusted because nobody ever listens to me. like seriously and especially on the phone because i sound like a child, so i will usually have to spend hours trying to get something fixed whereas an irrate grownup voice might make people jump a little quicker. honestly my angry voice just sounds cute.
i havent had time to call the company because of my schedule, but i was going to today before school and i can't believe i just paused VCY America on my audio but wow i couldn't think with that lady's voice in my head (she sounds very nice but it was pulling my brain apart and making a short story long by hindering my concentration on PRAISE)
so anyway i was going to call today but i just got it in my head to look at my bill so i would be able to tell them exactly what the name of the charge was that needed to be taken off... and all these days i have been praying to God to give me the patience and the strength to deal with phone people, and also to be able to use the right words so that they know that i know what im talking about... and...
my bill amount had already changed!
it was in fact a negative balance!
this was my brain upon seeing the info---> oh. wow. YES!!!
and i'm reminded, as apparently i must be, daily, once again... that God is wonderful. He takes care of me in even the smallest most insignificant-to-others-except-me ways, and He's the only one who can reach right in and pull out my whole heart, just rip it out completely and the only thing i feel is sweetness.

and now for some pictures!!! cute ones, cute ones :)

here is Zeus, i told u the pix would be cute :)

this is a pic from steak n shake that i forgot to put earlier

this is a "me and my family on thanksgiving" pic minus jose... we put the camera on auto-timer and set it on the table lol. turned out pretty good

here's the scene at thanksgiving... monopoly! :)

well those were all the pics i had :) actually no, i have a pic of my aunts but i dunno if they want to be made public lol. its a cute pic

Mari <3

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