Friday, January 8, 2010

Knit Homespun Scarf

after i made the first homespun hat pictured in a previous post, i ended up making a second one because i have a tendency to misplace things and find them again at odd times :P eh.
i had some left over yarn from that skein so i decided to see if i could crank out a matching scarf.
it was a success :)

i dunno the exact amount i used but it was literally just enough. u cant see this in the pictures but since the homespun has a thick and thin thing going on with it, the scarf has a repeating wavy hourglass shape to it. very cute

i used size 13 needles (i dont have regular straights so i just used 2 dpn's and was careful not to let them slip off the end)
basically i just cast on 20 and knit until the yarn ran out, which was fortunately a long enough size to wrap around my neck twice and tie in the front. this yarn is very stretchy and squishy, and will probably stretch with use too.


Anonymous said...

I used this same yarn to make my mom a scarf for Christmas. I liked it. The color helped hide my newbie mistakes!

mari said...

yeah, i love this yarn because it's very forgiving :) and snuggly! and generally all the colors are kind to my eyeballs