Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mucho Grande

we watched that movie called resurrecting the champ, with samuel jackson, a couple days ago. was pretty good. we stole his mucho grande phrase and it's really fun using it :)
yesterday started my third term at school, we're getting more into the big stuff and even though the whole experience is still fun it somehow feels less friendly and more ehh.. rule-ish? i mean it's still friendly but they have that mom look about them like when you get in church and she looks at you with her eyeballs and says "behave". you know you better. or else. lol
and holy crap, if you do not own a pair of velour lounge pants go friggin get you some and put them on. cuz .. yes. dont get the smooshy walmart kind with the giant seam on the inside thigh, go to like at least k-mart and get something sturdy, where the velvety stuff is short enough that you can't pick out pieces of it with your fingers. srsly omg.
i just saw a huge dead bug on my windowsill and now i cant stop staring at it. its right next to my flower pots! and what the heck is a bug doing getting in my house and dying?! lol i mean shutup. i mean it's winter, there shouldnt be any bugs out braving the cold. it is a gigantic looking thing too, like a locust or something. ewwww.
oh ya i have pictures :)
from like christmas and recently? probly a month ago...

this is my face!

my brother's kids
lol cuteness

is it a nibble or a kiss? the world may never know..

oh yeah, we are decoratin' a charlie brown christmas tree

even as skinny and goofy looking as it was, i still did an awesome job :) lol it looked better with the firggin presents under it tho

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