Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh Yeah!!

alright i was looking for a picture to snazz up this post but i couldnt find one...
yesterday my christmas present finally came in the mail lol. paulie got me a gift certificate for for like a billiondy dollars. so i'll be getting some goodies in the mail :)
i found some pretty awesome stuff at amazon, i dunno, i never shopped there before but i got a crapload of books and knitting needles. it was fun looking at all the stuff people list on there too. like 1 cent toilet paper roll holders. lids to salt and pepper shakers. robotic transformer 5 inch platform heel boots to complete your mechanical outfit. rubber band balls. key thingies, you know the ones that little kids like to steal from the hardware store for no good reason except that theyr bright and circular..
and last night i got cookies. mmhmm. yummy ones. and the house is so hot inside that if i dont put them in the fridge they bake themselves over and come out all soft and melty :)
also!!! i found some yarn at the dollar store. ya, the one where everythings a dollar. it was caron bliss, and its friggin slippery. but it knits up fluffy and thick. so i'm practicing my art of hat with that stuff. pretty nice actually if you have the patience for a little bit of wriggle. its kinda reminding me of like a little wiggly hamster. so cute.

Mari <3

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Maria said...

What a cool present!!!