Monday, June 25, 2012

Amazing Nook Sock

Here's my Nook sock :) i have a Nook Tablet that my husband got me last Christmas, and it's pretty awesome. i used the other half of that skein of Wool-Ease from my favorite hat to make it.
also some size 4 double pointed needles (4 of them)  :) here goes:

cast on 30, distribute evenly among 3 needles, join without twisting work

work in (k1,p1) rib for about 10 inches (give or take, actual Nook length is 8.1" so anywhere between 8.5 and "insert number bigger than 8.5 here" will work awesomely).

to do the decreases... well, i screwed those up and decided it looked fine anyway... but to do them like mine i just started doing k2tog every first 2 stitches on each needle, regardless. it made a weird point that i liked the look of.

you can always do yours smoother by using ssk instead of k2tog, and by not decreasing all the way down so you can sew the bottom cleanly and pointlessly :P

fasten off yarn and weave in ends. yeah, it looks really skinny. try it on!

this is my original pattern, please do not sell it since it is provided here for free. please do not take credit for my "design" :) but you can share and link, and sell what you make, whether in craft fairs or some sort of person to person networking. don't print or copy to distribute for money or otherwise, or use my pictures as if they were your own (oh crap, i should put that on all my posts...). you're welcome, i think.

the end,
love, mari


Adam Kaplan said...

Love this!

I work with AllFreeCrochet and have been trying to contact you. Please email me if there is a good way to reach you. Thanks!

Adam Kaplan

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