Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Crochetier's Confession

i, mari, lifelong "i only do crochet" -er.. have been ....
yes, i know. it's a shock. i'm shocking.
i've said before that crochet felt like expression and it still does
and ive also said before in the same statement that knitting felt like work
but i think i changed my mind.
weird, i know, but i totally did.
it must be my attitude :) also it feels like a sort of rhythm or beat, that i finally heard and felt and was able to follow along with. it's not like crochet, because everything is flat when you make it and even after you make it. it has to be assembled, which a lot of people might not like. i find myself not minding.
i've only made 2 things, and one of those is flat lol and neither of them are excellent, but both of them are flawed. and it's perfect.
i enjoy knitting, and that is this crochetier's confession.
now for the pictures!

the flat piece is just a swatch of k1. p1 which i later found out is called moss stitch?
oh wait, nevermind i was wrong that's not what it's called...
the doll was fun and easy, it super surprised me and i'm thankful for the lady who put up the pattern which is here:

<3 Mari


Katie said...

Y'know, it's funny... I used to think the same of crochet. That it was work and the dark side and the unknown.

I found out the dark side has cookies. :3

I grew up being taught how to knit, but I learned how to crochet over a year ago, and I haven't stopped. I actually find crochet to be significantly less work than knitting, so I know where you're coming from!

I've enjoyed reading your blog, and I'm also making your Marissa hat to fend off the cold. I have it up on Ravelry, but no pics as of yet. (:

mari said...

thanks for the comment, Katie! i'm glad you enjoy your cookies :)
i would love to see your finished Marisa, i'll have to look you up on Ravelry