Monday, September 14, 2009

Return of a Blooger

aye, blooger.
it's been a little while since i posted anything on here.. so i thought i should. even if i don't have a pattern to post :)
a lot has happened since my last post, while strangely at the same time not a lot has changed. one change though, is that i no longer have MySpace or Facebook accounts... i know right? little tear..
so i guess the yeen machine will occasionally be more talky and less yarny. (i used MySpace for blogs pretty exclusively, and Facebook i have no idea why.) so don't be surprised if instead of a good/mediocre pattern post you see a poem or dream or rant.
it had actually been a long while since i made or attempted anything in crochet. i guess that helped me not to post anything recently eh. but now i'm back on the ball i guess, doing my little dance.
i'll have pictures but i don't know when

<3 Mari