Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wahoo!!! (oh yeah)

yesterday paulie shows up to pick me up from work, like he usually does. before i'm off the clock he's asking if i want to go to a new restaurant that recently opened. and i'm like cool cuz i love food. so we go, it's a place called Rio West Cantina, very cute and cozy without being too small. and omg they have delicious food. i had a chimichanga and paulie had a shrimp burrito MmMMmMmm everything on that plate was good. after we finish eating i go (cuz im stupid i dunno) "so you didnt have like a coupon to come here or something?" cuz paulie loves coupons. lol. and he's like "why u think that? just cuz i like coupons i always gotta have one?" and i was like awww he's my cute.
so we get boxes to put our delicious left overs in, and paulie goes "hold on i have something for you" and im like O.o? while he goes to the car and i wrestle with the rest of my chimichanga.
he comes back with a shiny red box with a ribbon around it... i love red. and i love shiny. it's about the size of a book, so i'm like "... it's not my birthday... anniversary? no, it's too warm.."
so i'm opening it and theres just a crapload of tissue on either side of a tiny hard lump wrapped in more tissue. it is a box. inside of another box. inside of which is a RING! :O i know like u couldnt tell from the pic what was gonna happen lol.
and he's on his knee with his big cutey eyeballs looking at me :*) he says "i was wondering if you'd wanna marry me" and i was like ...duh... but i said YES not duh. of course.
so i put on my ring (yay) and it was too big so we have to get it sized on monday ;)

<3 Mari


Anonymous said...

Cool!!! I'm SOOOO happy for you guys!!! Congratulations!!!

mari said...

thanks Anonymous
a.k.a "Mom" ;)