Thursday, September 24, 2009

He still needs a name...

But i'm not in a hurry cuz he's not done yet.
i posted about him on Ravelry.. (ya, i finally joined, mostly to look at pictures)
he's inspired by my mom's original "pattern", which she never wrote out lol, and which she made a friggin ton of when i was a little girl. ok, friggin ton is an exaggeration.
but my version has a creepy sad but smiley face, since i suck at embroidery. his eyeballs look like super-eyebrows, no?
i'm not done with his hat i'm gonna take my work to work lol, and try to finish it there. and maybe i'll add the ruffle around his neck like my mom's clowns had. i dunno.
i realized long ago that i can't make myself too ambitious or i'll never do what i want to do because the thought would get too overwhelming. yeah, weird.
so anyways, ok. i'll post on the progress!

<3 Mari

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